Common Issues in Counselling and Psychotherapy


There are common labels that people use or are given to help communicate a range of symptoms e.g. stress, anxiety, relationship problems, anger-management, depression and sexual problems, but of course everyone will experience these differently, so although Kendal Therapy understands these issues generally and their common themes, it is the aim of a therapist to understand the person's thoughts and feelings, and often several issues will be present at the same time.


This list is not comprehensive, so please get in touch with your specific requirements to see if Kendal Therapy is able to help. 

Abuse - Anxiety - Relationship Problems - Addiction / Drug & Alcohol Misuse - Anger Management - Bereavement - Depression - Different Realities - Eating Disorders - Misophonia -  Low Self-Esteem - PTSD - Panic Disorder - Phobias - Sexuality Issues - Sexual Issues - Self-Development - Self-Injury - Stress Management - Trauma - Work & Career Issues - Sleep Problems - Spiritual Development - Uncommon Issues - Others...

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Counselling in Kendal
Life Events
counselling in kendal
Emotional Reactions to Life Events

Life events such as:


  • Loss and Bereavement


  • Trauma, Critical Incidents and Post-Traumatic Stress


  • Adults sexually Abused as Children


  • Work and Career Issues

Emotional Reactions to Life Events Can Include:

  • Depression


  • Anxiety and Panic


  • Different Realities


  • Low self esteem / confidence 

Counselling kendal
Behavioural Reactions to Life Events
Kendal Counselling
Spiritual Life Events

Behavioural Reactions to Life Events such as:

  • Addiction/ Drug and Alcohol Issues

  • Eating problems

  • Self-Injury 

  • Some Sexual Issues

Spiritual Life Issues might include:

  • Spiritual Crisis


  • Faith and commitment


  • Personal / Transpersonal Development


  • Death and Dying

"But my issue is extremely complex and serious..."

Kendal Therapy is able to work with the majority of conditions. For mental health issues such as psychosis, bi-polar disorder, personality disorders, schizophrenia, serious drug addiction and eating disorders, I recommend a multiple approach to treatment which will may include Psychiatry alongside counselling and psychotherapy. Similarly, if you wish to consider medication, or are seeking a medical diagnosis or a medical report, then an appointment with your GP who can refer you to a psychiatrist would be more appropriate first. Once psychiatric advice is taken, then Kendal Therapy can help as part of the support you're receiving. If you would like to discuss or get support with this often quite intimidating process, then Kendal Therapy can offer counselling support during your process of entering the NHS system and you can dip in and out of private practice as necessary alongside or before / after any NHS support as per your GPs advice and your personal preference. (e.g whilst waiting on the list for a NHS counsellor, or after the brief course of support that they can offer.)