Covid-19 statement: Update Monday 23rd March


The most important thing currently is we all stay fit and healthy, this includes mental and emotional health!

These are unprecedented times for all but we will come through it. People may still need to process what’s happening for them, (as well as needing support for pre-existing issues before all this happened)! Please see updated guidelines below in relation to Kendal Therapy:

From today: Only phone / video call counselling options are available.

I will not be providing face to face sessions, including outdoor sessions for some time. I will update as things develop.

When choosing a virtual option, you will need to make sure your equipment (phone/ computer) is working and that you have good reception. You will need to make sure that you have a comfortable and confidential space to engage in therapeutic material.

Please stay safe and well and thank you for your continued support.

To book / change the type of session, Simply call / text 07969323898 Monday to Friday 9 till 9.

For those struggling financially, there are concessional rates available. Spacing out sessions can still have some therapeutic benefits and help save on outgoing cost during this time. All payments can be made by bank transfer.

I am here if you need to talk, one way or another. Any questions, just ask via my number.

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Find out more about having counselling outside and how the outdoors can add another useful dimension to the work. This can be from Kendal to anywhere in the Lake District.


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