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Counselling in Kendal is based in the town centre at the Kirkland Centre. From £35.00-£45.00.  

The counselling and psychotherapy used at Kendal Therapy offers a gently robust approach to life's most difficult and perplexing issues, as well as your everyday concerns.

If you would like to read more about counselling and psychotherapy before you get in touch, you will find a good overview of the topic here and you can follow the links for further information. 
If you are in crisis right now and just need to get started, you may prefer to simply get in touch straight away and revisit these pages at a later date.

The 1 2 3 of what to expect in counselling and psychotherapy

1 - Can I talk about anything?


The aim of counselling and therapy is to provide you with a confidential opportunity for you to explore your issues, thoughts and feelings in safety in order to assist your learning, healing, understanding and growth.


My role is to help you through the counselling process without judgement, or telling you what to do. You really can talk about anything. People bring a wide variety of issues that they are facing in their lives right now. These include topics such as depression, anxiety, relationship problems, assertiveness, death and dying, confidence, existential angst, work relationships, mental health issues, sexual issues, ect. and a whole range of human emotions that can come with these issues. 

2 - What happens in the first session? (& How much is it..)


In the first session I will explore with you your current issues, inquire about background history and establish the focus of counselling.  It's your opportunity to ask anything about counselling or about me to help you to make sure of a good match for your needs. Should you wish to continue, we would discuss our Counselling Working Agreement, which includes: boundaries, confidentiality, fees and an agreed way of working. This first session fee is £40.00. (Concessions are available thereafter for students, unemployed, on a sliding scale from £30.00 to £40.00 - please ask for details in the first session). 


Once all this is discussed and decided, we begin our work together and have regular reviews to ensure the effectiveness of the counselling. 

3 - How does the counselling process work and how can it help?


The counselling process from beginning to end is firmly rooted in the counsellor offering the relational conditions that are best suited to nurturing psychological growth. Once these conditions are experienced, a person is more likely to be able to explore their issues and take forward their personal development at a pace that suits them.


Counselling helps by offering a chance to tackle the here-and-now issues. It often (but not always) includes developing a better understanding of issues from the past, working through current patterns and concerns to improve the likelihood of a better future. 

An overview of the person centred approach to counselling and psychotherapy

As a person centred counsellor I listen very carefully to what you say.  I aim to step into your shoes and see the world from your point of view, how you experience your life and any issues you bring, as you see them.  I wholeheartedly believe in the positive nature of all human beings and that we are always striving to do the best for ourselves. I believe in the uniqueness and worth of every individual and that everyone deserves respect to choose their own way through life. I recognise that you are the only expert in your own internal world, and the only person who really knows how you feel. Often, the most important thing in counselling is the therapeutic relationship that will develop between us, in which I hope that you will really feel heard and understood, in a non-judgemental way, and that you will experience me as a real and genuine person in this relationship. I hope that you will receive all these conditions from me so that you will be able to deal more effectively with the feelings that are troubling you enough to seek out a counsellor. 

Counselling in Kendal

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Counseling Kendal
Counseling Kendal
Counseling Kendal

I have connected my work to the outdoor environment throughout my life. There is something special about having counselling outdoors. If you think this sounds appropriate for you and what you are bringing to counselling, find out more on here and discuss with Chris.

Working with a range of creative arts techniques can really help people deepen the theraputic process and help ehance the outcomes of standard counselling.If you think this sounds appropriate for you and what you are bringing to counselling, find out more on here and discuss with Chris. 

I have had specialist additional training in facilitating spiritual and existential development for those intersted in exploring these areas in counselling. If you think this sounds appropriate for you and what you are bringing to counselling, find out more on here and discuss with Chris.

For more information on the counsellor, his background, experience and qualifications please click on the link below. Also you may want to see an overview of the common issues that people bring to counselling and you can click that link below. Or you have decided that you have read enough, and you are ready to contact Chris and book the first session, so click that link below. 

Find out more about having counselling outside and how the outdoors can add another useful dimension to the work. This can be from Kendal to anywhere in the Lake District.


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