Kendal Therapy's Policy, Procedures and Documents

This page contains the important Counselling Working Agreements, Outdoor Therapy Paperwork, Under 18's Policy and the Feedback Form. A few will be relevant to you, they are here as a back up resource to any paper copies that I give you at the beginning of our work together. You could also have a quick look before our first session if you like, but I will go over relevant paperwork in our first session. 

Counselling Working Agreement

A counselling working agreement covers the most important boundaries and information about your counselling with me at Kendal Therapy. Each client, including; individual, couple, family member or workplace employee / employer will use this working agreement. If any amendments need to be made please discuss in the first session. You can download this now in preparation for the first session, however you will be given a paper copy and a brief on what it is all about too. 

CORE - OM Form

The CORE - OM (Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation - Outcome Measure) Form is the standard way to monitor counsellor effectiveness in counselling and psychotherapy. This is completed in the first and last session, and in reviews. I will support you in filling this out the first time, after that, if you wish to save time, you can fill out at home before any planned review or last session.

Outdoor Therapy Additional Terms & Conditions

If you choose to work outside it is important that you read and sign these additional terms and conditions. I will go over them with you, but you are welcome to download them and read them before your session.

Outdoor Therapy Health Questionnaire

Your health and safety is number one for me. To make sure I am fully aware of any health issues you may have, this form must be completed before we step outside the therapy room. 

Outdoor Therapy Local Fell Walk Risk Assessment

A risk assessment for the local fells near Kendal to make sure that risk is both acknowledged and planned for.

Outdoor Therapy Mountain Walking Risk Assessment

A risk assessment for the mountains to make sure risk is both acknowledged and planned for.

Under 18's Confidentiality Policy
Kendal Therapy can work with over 16's. There are some extra notes on boundaries and confidentiality for under 18's and their parents or guardians to consider. 
Feedback Form

A feedback form gives you the chance to reflect on your counselling experience and pass on positive and constuctive comments to me so that I can learn how to improve Kendal Therapy in general, and my counselling throughout my life. A new form is currently coming into use, so please go to the contact page if you would like to offer any feedback for now. THANK YOU. 

Safer System of Counselling and Risk Assessment

The Safer System of Counselling and Risk Assessment have been completed to make counselling indoors as safe as possible during the Covid-19 Pandemic. As things change and research and government policy evolve, so shall these docs.