Hello! The focus of counselling is you. I will listen & empathise with your situation the very best I can. I work with individuals, organisations & I also specialise in couples relationship counselling. My background is in the NHS, Mental Health charities & business.

My approach is to gently address the issue/s that a person brings, by offering a robust therapeutic relationship based on compassion, integrity, and empathy. You can talk about anything in therapy.

Call / Text: 07969323898

Email: chris.j.frampton@gmail.com

Chris Frampton
Counseling Kendal

Find out more about counselling in Kendal with an experienced and qualified professional, it is the ideal opportunity to put aside quality time to focus on you and your life. You really can talk about anything, be taken seriously, and be supported through you current concerns.


Counselling in Kendal

Find out more about couples counselling in Kendal. Often refered to as 'marriage guidance', it can support couples work towards better communication, empathy and problem solving. Supporting couples to seperate amicably, stay together or move through difficult circumstances.

Counselling in Kendal

Find out more about counselling for all workplace based issues. For teams, executives, managers, directors and CEO's. Discover how targeted, solution focused support from Kendal Therapy could help you right now, be the best you can be in and out of work.

Therapy Room

Kendal Therapy has a therapy room in Kendal.

The Kirkland Centre is based in the town centre of Kendal, with on site parking.

For more information on the Therapy rooms, please click here. Including pics of how it looks with Covid-19 measures in place.