Counselling Supervision in Kendal

To be and to practice being who you really are, repeatedly at the edge of your own becoming, is both the difficulty and the adventure of counselling. 

My aim is to offer you supervision that supports your way to be the counsellor you want to be and to assist you to be your self whilst you counsel your clients, within a range of contexts.


I draw upon my background of counselling individuals, couples and employees, in a range of contexts including, the NHS, Private Practice, Mental Health charities & in business.


I offer counselling supervision to individual counsellors and supervision groups in Kendal. 

"Supervision is a working alliance between two professionals where supervisees offer an account of their work, reflect on it, receive feedback, and receive guidance if appropriate. The object of this alliance is to enable the worker to gain in ethical competency, confidence and creativity so as to give the best possible service to clients."

(Inskipp and Proctor, 2001)

Counselling Supervision Kendal
Student Supervision

Student counselling supervision in Kendal with an experienced and qualified professional offers you the opportunity to put aside quality time to focus on you and your client work. You really can talk about anything, be taken seriously, and be supported through your current development.

Fee: £45.00 per 1.5 hr session

Counselling Supervision in Kendal
Counselling Supervision

Individual counselling supervision in Kendal with a fellow colleague who is passionate about supporting you to support your clients. 

Fee: £55.00 per 1.5 hr session

Counselling Supervision in Kendal
Group Supervision

Group counselling supervision in kendal is an ideal addition to individual supervision, especially for those with a larger case load.


Small Groups of 6 to 8 on a monthly basis. Each new group can start when there are 6 people ready. get in touch to put your name down for the next group now. (waiting times vary.)

A great way to give and receive support to fellow counsellors. 

Fee £12.00 per 2 hr session

Approach to Supervision

In line with my own counselling practice, teaching and facilitation work, I am deeply person centred in my approach to working with people in a supervision context (Tudor & Worrall 2004) .


However, also like the other fields I work in, I will draw from other approaches to meet a client's or supervisee's needs. For example I find the 'Seven-eyed model of supervision' very helpful (Hawkins & Shohet 2012) and I really like the meta model of 'helping', the 'Six-category intervention model' (Heron 2002).


Essentially though I prefer to continue to develop my supervision practice out of Roger's theory of therapy, and using it as a template for supervision. 

Regardless of my preferences I will work with you to be inline with your role, context and theoretical approach as much as possible. 


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