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Acrylic Paints


Sometimes words are not enough

Working with a range of creative arts techniques can really help people deepen the therapeutic process and help enhance the outcomes of standard counselling.If you think this sounds appropriate for you and what you are bringing to counselling, find out more on here and discuss with Chris.

Image by Andrew Valdivia


Creative arts techniques can enable people to tap into their own creativity in order to reach a deeper level of connection with themselves, the therapist and ultimately the people in their lives. People often learn to further appreciate the potential of the human imagination and how we can use it for personal exploration and development. People often go on to develop knowledge and understanding of the nature of the inner world, of dreams and the many different forms and uses of human imagery. And sometimes it's just a splodge on a peice of paper, but it's fun making the splodge and the process of creating something can be more important than the end result. ...And of course there are plenty of creative arts techniques that can take place outdoors!

Cutting Clay


A great way to create something in 3D that can help to facilitate a direct expression of the content of a counselling session. It can help with family systems, inner feelings, childhood issues, self development planning, and anything that your imagination finds useful.

Watercolor Paint


Do you feel like expressing yourself with colour and shape? I have plenty of large sheets of paper and lots of paint that you can use. This is as much about the process than the outcome, if not more so. Using painting like this can help people get in tune with there inner worlds, and express visually that which is going on.



We can use the stones to represent feelings and / or family systems. This works well when people get stuck intellectually and need an alternative way to express themselves and through careful examination see subconscious new patterns emerge that can add more insight into the counselling.


I have a lot of creative arts materials to choose from to get the imagination going. 
You can explore the options and go with the flow. You can complete a task in session or at home, and we can let it speak for it's self or discuss what you produce.

Art Supply
 Illustrated Forest Background


We can use our imagination and use the outdoor environment in creative ways to assist a counselling session.

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