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Peace and Conflict Counselling

At Kendal Therapy, I believe in fostering harmony within communities through a person centered approach to addressing conflict and promoting peace. Grounded in empathy, respect, and collaboration, my approach aims to build stronger, more cohesive communities.

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Within the community, in organisations and in politics, I aim to facilitate long term peaceful relationships by offering Peace and Conflict Counselling to the groups that need it most. 


Community Centered Dialogue: By facilitating open and inclusive dialogue within the community. By actively listening to diverse perspectives, I will work towards understanding the root causes of conflicts and collaboratively seeking solutions.


Empathy and Compassion as a Foundation: Empathy and Compassion is at the heart of my approach. I will strive to understand the experiences, concerns, and emotions of community members involved in conflicts, fostering an environment of mutual understanding.

Conflict Resolution Skills: Peace and Conflict Counselling promotes the development of conflict resolution skills within the community. Through workshops and support, individuals gain tools to address conflicts constructively, fostering healthier relationships.

Cultural Sensitivity: Recognizing the cultural diversity within the UK, My approach is culturally sensitive. I acknowledge the importance of cultural understanding in resolving conflicts and promoting unity within communities.

Mediation Services: I offer mediation services to facilitate constructive conversations between conflicting parties. I will provide a neutral space for dialogue, guiding individuals towards mutually agreeable resolutions.

Strengths-Based Community Building: I will focus on identifying and leveraging the strengths within the community. By emphasizing shared values and common goals, we contribute to building a sense of community that transcends conflicts.

Educational Initiatives: Kendal Therapy can work alongside educational programs to enhance conflict literacy within the community and will work with a network of partners and stakeholders. By promoting awareness and understanding, we empower individuals to navigate conflicts more effectively.

Collaboration with Local Resources: I can collaborate with local organizations, authorities, and community leaders to create a network of support. This collaborative effort ensures a comprehensive and community-wide approach to peace-building. Embark on a journey towards a more peaceful and harmonious community.


The person centered counselling approach is dedicated to fostering understanding, resolving conflicts, and building resilient communities, workplaces and political debate throughout Kendal and South Cumbria. 

Please get in touch for an initial discussion and a quote.

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