Employee Counselling

Workplace / Leadership counselling for CEO's, directors, managers, executives, staff and teams.

Kendal Therapy offers a UK wide service in the specialist field of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. Kendal Therapy can help you fulfil employer's legal responsibility regarding duty of care to employees, increase staff retention, and strongly influence productivity and profits, measurable to the bottom line. From managing big picture organisational stress and wellbeing audits and surveys, to organising an indepth focus on an individual's work related or personal issues such as:


Personal matters - health, relationship, family, financial, emotional, legal, anxiety, alcohol, drugs and other related issues.
Work matters - work demands, fairness at work, working relationships, harassment and bullying, personal and interpersonal skills, work/life balance, stress, critical incident recovery and other related issues. 


Just get in touch to see how Kendal Therapy can help you with the mental health and wellbeing of your self or your employees.

Individual Counselling

Counselling in the workplace can often be an important first step for many employees and employers seeking support. One to one support gives individuals the opportunity to discuss and explore their problems in complete confidence with an experienced, empathic professional. In addition, the offer of counselling services to employees can help discharge the duty of care required by law of an organisation.


Counselling provides short-term solution-focused support to assist employees in identifying the problem and developing a practical plan of action for resolving it, and is used effectively to treat a wide range of occupational and domestic stress related issues, for example: financial problems, stress, racial & sexual harassment, bullying, redundancy, bereavement, domestic violence, mental health problems... From £60.00

Team Counselling


Team counselling in the workplace is different from training in many ways. The most important difference is that counselling is in tune with the group and takes place in the here and now. Rather than trying to impart knowledge, a good counsellor is able to help stimulate the knowledge and internal recources from within each participant which can then be shared and developed.


Counselling is ideal for helping teams deal with things that otherwise are tricky or usually create conflict, 'stuckness', reduce creativity or performance. Most often counselling is asked for when everything else has been tried already, when often, if it was adopted straight away the problems could have already been addressed and moved on from a lot earlier. A counsellor makes the difficult conversations easier and more productive and helps transfer the learning into everyday work life.  

Leadership Counselling and Coaching


Leadership counselling and coaching is for business owners, CEO's, executives, directors or managers. Leadership is demanding, and leaders often benefit from specialised support and education to meet the challenges they face. With the workforce continually changing, the demands of the public, and the personal stress of leadership, expert leadership counselling and coaching is called for. 

Leadership coaching can help leaders inspire and motivate the team while communicating with skill and authority.

Leadership coaching can address alternate ways of thinking and doing needed to move the organisation towards their goals.

Leadership counselling can be helpful to address the deeper issues that can block leadership success.

Leadership counselling can help you reflect on your identity and approach to leadership, your beliefs and values and thoughts about yourself and others. It can build your strengths and confidence and help you find new ways to address old problems, explore personal and home issues as they interplay in the role of leadership.

Workplace Wellbeing Training & Consultancy

Chris can add specialist knowledge to organisations in the form of guest speaking, consultancy and training.


Guest speaking on workplace wellbeing and high performance at work. Consultancy for mental health policy reviews, stress audits and mental health and wellbeing surveys. Training on workplace wellbeing themes such as reducing stress, assertiveness, confidence building, persuading and influencing, managing anger and frustration, mental health awareness and how to support people with mental health issues in the workplace.

Find out more about having counselling outside and how the outdoors can add another useful dimension to the work. This can be from Kendal to anywhere in the Lake District.


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