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For people who want person centred support online or on the phone due to preference or need.

People may recognise Face-to-Face counselling as the most common form of counselling, but there are many forms of counselling and many TYPES. Counselling is totally individual and what works for one person, may not work for you. Whether you have tried face to face counselling and it wasn't what you were after, or there are other reasons as to why you'd like to try another way, such as practical concerns, know that there are options.

Why might phone or online counselling be better for you ?
Online and phone counselling offers the same level of support and confidentiality as meeting face to face with a qualified counsellor. Phone and online counselling also offer suitable solutions to some of the difficulties associated with receiving treatment in a traditional therapeutic setting. Common difficulties include accessibility, anonymity and convenience. Phone and online counselling can be the solution.

Phone Counselling - (Home or mobile phone) 
Telephone counselling works in the same way as face to face counselling, but is conducted over the phone. This can be an addition support between face to face sessions or solely for conducting the full duration of the counselling relationship. You will need a confidential and comfortable place to talk, and you can be anywhere in the world. The client will call the counsellor at the agreed time, and fees are paid by bank transfer. 

Online Counselling - (Call / Video call Counselling on Skype, WhatsApp, Duo or Teams) 
An increasingly popular option for those who can't make face to face counselling sessions is video conference / chat counselling. I use Skype, WhatsApp, Duo or Zoom, so whatever your preference, just ask. These applications work on your phone or computer and enable you to call or video call in real-time with other people over the Internet. This allows you to see myself and for me to see you which aids communication and connection, whilst in the comfort of your own home, office, car (parked!) or garden. (Just make sure you are in a confidential place!) You can talk from anywhere in the world. The client will call the counsellor at the agreed time, and fees are paid by bank transfer. 

Email and Text Counselling?
I do not offer email or text counselling. All written correspondence is purely to organise appointments or share additional resources. 

Individual £55.00
Employee £85.00
Reduced concessional fees may be negotiated for short-term work.

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